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What is a Website?

A website is a home on the internet on computer. Just as every one has a home on a particular address, simlarly every website has its own address (for eg: www.google.com, www.facebook.com etc ). A website is hosted on a server ,where all the files are stored. Depending upon the amount of space required to store the files, a website owner registers webspace on the server(just as we have space in our house.2room appartment, 5 room appartment, big bungalow etc. ). Once the owner has registered the name or address of the websie (also called the domain name ) and the webspace, the designing of the website follows.

To view a particular website on a computer, one needs a web browser like firefox, internet explorer, google chrome, opera, safari etc.

When someone opens a web browser and types the web address of your website, it displays your home page or the landing page(just as somebody enters your home the land on the living room ).

The homepage is a file uploaded on the sever of your webhost. This file is designed by a web designer. It is a layout with beautifully desined graphics, images, animations and links(just as u decorate your home by painting and furniture ). This homepage provides information of your company or whatever message you want to convey the visitors. It has got various buttons or navigation links , which when u click ,you reach on a different page. (just as you enter from living room to the kitchen or bedroom of your house).

Thus website is nothing but collections of web pages , hosted on a server on a particular web address or a domain. It is the image or reflection of your company or business on the world wide web.

A well experienced designer beautifully designs your website with modern latest designs with images, colours, animations, music, etc.

Is it necessary to have a wesite ?

Yes ofcourse !. If you own a business or some service, however small a website connects you to the whole world and your presence is seen on the globe. It will surely grow your business and drive new customers or clients. This will increase sales and profit. Hence a website is a tool to florish, nourish and expand your business.



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